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The world is changing your business. Traditional business models become hybrid or 100% digital. Today business success and digital value creation are closely linked. We bring together the best of strategy consulting and creative agency to help you successfully master digitialization and buyer transformation. For growth, scale and efficiency. With your partners and customers at the center.


Business Innovation:
instead of business as usual

We drive corporate visions and brands forward. We develop new business models, create business plans and design winning go-to-market strategies. We embrace digitalization for customer-centric value creation and new customer experiences along the customer journey.
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Digitalize marketing,
sales and education.

Design thinking is a requirement
as competitors do not sleep.

We develop innovative business ideas, smart products and services. We drive customer acquisition and development. We consider the complexity of digital transformation, ecosystems and e-commerce to enable the best growth strategy and approach for sustainable value creation with interfaces to offline, online and business platforms.


Digital Business Models & Development

Digital Platforms & E-Commerce

Digital Customer Experience & Journey


A digital roadmap for everyone
and everything moves ahead

We scale digital marketing to drive distribution and sales. We plan holistically for all business units so that everyone speaks the same language and achieves success.

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Omnichannel: always on

360° marketing:
strategies and smart tactics.

We develop holistic marketing and sales strategies. Targeted brand awareness and product campaigns. Create the central communicative idea and implement cross-channel measures for social, influencer and press. Plan with the goal of developing valuable experiences on the customer journey.


Digital Marketing & Communication

Digital Brand Building & Storytelling

Digital Lead Management & Sales funnel


Creativity in everything
and for everyone.

We identify new trends in the real and digital world. Create communication strategies and creative concepts. Build digital love brands and produce high-quality photo/video content and product designs. Providing a full range of emotional storytelling.


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Creation from A to Z
and excellent execution

We develop digital brands and portfolios. We plan contemporary advertising and media for digital and print, social media and press - and deliver the creatives at the same time.


Digital Brand & Corporate Identity

Digital Content Production & Design

Digital Advertising & Media

The best of strategy and agency – or everything


Our vision is to revolutionize the business models of companies – for growth and sustainable business success. With customer at the center and added value.


Our mission is to create successful business concepts for our partners. In doing so, we create digital customer experiences, innovate business processes and integrate them holistically into the value stream. As experienced digital experts with strong business know-how and a powerful network of service partners, we have the best conditions to successfully shape the future of many companies and industries.


CHANG3R – the name is the idea behind our company. Our goal is that we have to change something in order to successfully shape the challenges and opportunities of digitalization at the same time. That’s what drives us – every day.


Creating more value

We advise international Corporates, SMEs and Startups on strategic issues and offer operational agency services. We plan roadmaps for goals. Form high-performance project teams and coordinate external service partner. And support you in everything that is necessary.

With an outside perspective for the bigger picture

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Mindset as a success factor,
binding and personal

Entrepreneur, leader and open-minded generalist with a clear vision. Experienced in digital business development, marketing and sales. Solution-oriented creator with heart and brain.

About me

Expertise: 15+ years of success in the agency industry and digital projects in Germany and Central Europe.

Founder & CEO: 9+ years overall responsibility for communication and advertising agency.

Full-service: strategy, planning and execution from a single source.


Ready when you are.

Do you want to develop new potential for your business model, book contemporary marketing strategies and creative productions – or everything? Then we look forward to get in touch.

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